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        Claro Trading & Consulting Limited has been established in March 2014 in Cyprus collating the knowledge and expertise on Wines, Spirits and Tobacco to create a unique and niche portfolio sourcing products from all around the world.

        With over a decade of experience in buying, marketing and selling Claro was born with the idea for clarity of assuring the partners and customers alike that the products and services it provides will satisfy the market.
Mass production has lead to the standardisation of local tastes. We believe that every individual is a connoisseur in his/her own right and would like to stimulate their taste buds with a full bodied wine that lingers after a nice meal, or with a sip of cognac married with a good cigar or enjoying a unique grape gin as an aperitif.
Within the last decade Omur Gumus has travelled the world and enjoyed variety of wines, spirits and tobacco. His aim is to introduce these unique local tastes with the right portfolio for the right markets around the world. In doing so Claro is acting as an importer, as an agent and as a consultant depending on the market and the conditions of the country in question.

        We believe that understanding leads to appreciation. Our purpose is to create an environment providing wines, spirits and tobacco at its best to enjoy unique and wonderful tastes of the world.

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As well as dealing with the actual movement of the goods from supplier to consumer through wholesale distribution and through organising the movement as an agent, Claro Trading also provides consultancy and advisory services for introduction of wines, spirits and tobacco products  for developed and emerging markets specialising in the Turkish Market both in domestic and duty free.
Based on client requirements and sales and marketing strategies, tailor made solutions and business plans are offered to the client advising how to manoeuvre through bureaucratic application and licensing processes.
The services are provided upon understanding the clients way of working, their corporate culture and expectation from the market. The market conditions and regulations are the key for the entry requirements. Client’s understanding of the market is noted, discussed and fined tuned before any action is taken. The culture, way of working and subjective elements explained making sure that the understanding and the expectation matches with the actual market conditions for the business plan to succeed. 
- Antalya High Presentation Point Apr 2015 -Bache Gabrielsen and DUPUY on show in Antalya T1. (April )
Bache Gabrielsen and DUPUY cognacs are presented in Antalya International Terminal 1 for the new season. click here

- Prowein 2015 - Claro Trading was at the Prowein International Wine and Spirits Fair. (18 March 2015)
Claro Trading was at the 2015 Prowein International Wine & Spirits Fair. Business in the wine and spirits...  click here

- Product training for Antalya Airport sales staff    (10 March 2015)
Claro Trading and Consulting Ltd. has organised staff training in collaboration with Stephane Quien Wine...  click here