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Antalya High Presentation Point Apr 2015 - Bache Gabrielsen and DUPUY on show in Antalya Terminal 1. (April )

Bache Gabrielsen and DUPUY cognacs are presented in Antalya International Terminal 1 for the new season.
April 2015
Prowein 2015 - Claro Trading was at the Prowein International Wine and Spirits Fair. (15th - 17th of March)

          Claro Trading was at the 2015 Prowein International Wine & Spirits Fair. Business in the wine and spirits sector is booming in Europe. Lots of contacts have been made with new companies around the world in varied segments and tasted their wines and spirits for potential listings in the existing markets. Current partners have been visited, evaluating the existing portfolios’ performance and discussed plans and marketing tools for the future business.
18 March 2015
Product training for Antalya Airport sales staff

           Claro Trading and Consulting Ltd. has organised staff training in collaboration with Stephane Quien Wine and Spirit, THS Bache Gabrielsen SAS, EUROWINEGATE  SAS and LVP Marketing LLC for the sales staff of on March the 10th 2015 for Bache Gabrielsen and DUPUY cognacs, G’VINE gin and LVP Sangria.
Sales staff and supervisors have been well informed about the history and the philosophy behind the brands, how these niche alcoholic beverages come to life. Everybody has got the chance to taste and enjoy these international brands of Cognacs from Bache Gabrielsen and DUPUY, Gin by G’VINE and LVP Sangria finding out the finer nuances of aroma, taste and texture for each reference.
10 March 2015